Housing building

Lancy Pont-Rouge, Geneva

2009 - 2013


The meanders of the river stop at Pont Rouge, at the point where the town begins. Here, the wild, wooded banks come to an end; the river is channelled and disappears underground. Situated at the edge of the urban Master Plan for the district Praille-Acacias-Vernets, the plot borders the last meander of the river. Although surrounded by the town, this green zone with its pronounced topography is a haven of tranquillity.

The project for 14 apartments on this site respects the site and conserves its quality features. It takes into account all the natural and topographical aspects of the surroundings so as to blend into the site in harmonious fashion. The volume of the building makes good use of the strong legal constraints without any loss of architectural integrity. Its cascading form takes advantage of the topography and generates a spread of vegetated roofs. The different levels offer generous exterior spaces and a favourable orientation for each apartment. Its complex geometry makes it difficult to view the building in its entirety, and draws it closer to the natural elements around it. The wooden facade blends into the "wall" of vegetation which borders the road today.
The project guarantees spacious, bright, double-oriented apartments and private exterior spaces for all residents. The communal areas have extensive openings to the south and a clear view of the Salève. On the north side, the smaller bedroom windows look out on to the foliage of the indigenous trees.

group8, Lola, Lancy Pont-Rouge, Geneva, 2009 - 2013


Housing building



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