Wood in the sky

Heightening, housing


2009 - 2012

Wood in the sky

The raised building is based on the concept of a wooden elevated structure. Merged with the existing construction thanks to consistency between horizontal and vertical lines as well as similarity of colour scheme, the two constructions form a unified whole. The project, located in a district listed by the Loi sur les Surélévations (Law on Raised Buildings) as being capable of being raised, aims to create an additional level on an existing attic. Its major challenge was to raise the three stairwells of the building while maintaining the existing part in operation throughout the duration of the works, all in the midst of an urban area.

The six apartments, of four to six rooms, have front and rear views and are positioned on either side of the three stairwells. With the exception of the common walls, the whole of the raised part was made out of wood.
This "elevated structure" occupies an additional level as well as the existing attic level, so as to obtain a unified character for the upper part of the building. The loggias designed to enhance the new apartments cut the line of the sky thus creating a discontinuous skyline, while the projecting frames ensure protection of the privacy of the external areas from the lateral views between the different apartments.
This project is the creation of an object of character on a building which appears banal, a creation that shapes its environment by forging a link between the sky and the city.

group8, Wood in the sky, Geneva, 2009 - 2012


Heightening, 6 apartments


Heightening of a site in operation



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©Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio, Geneva