Villa S

Single family house

Bellevue, Geneva

2006 - 2008

Villa S

Built on cramped slot of land, in the heart of a residential neighbourhood, the Villa S contrasts with the very traditional villas it is surrounded by. The Villa S is easily recognizable thanks to its front which designs an "S" in beige tinted concrete. This shape reminds a cardboard folding and spatially organizes the rooms. The sand colour brings visual softness to the material. The slabs are linked together by glass, in order to preserve a maximum of transparency and lightness, emphasizing the horizontal lines.

The three levels of the house are treated with different materials. By using either raw or coloured building materials, very specific atmospheres can emerge around the same topic of minimalism. The Villa S is brighten up with landscape design development, highlighting its contemporary character.

group8, Villa S, Bellevue, Geneva, 2006 - 2008



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