in progress, competition


Shortlist competition, winning project. Two housing buildings

Chêne-Bourg, Geneva

2014 - in progress


The layout design offers a softening of the tip by providing an additional face that opens onto the station square, giving more fluidity to the spatial alignment with the new street.
Moreover, the break between the two buildings has been adjusted so as to be in resonance with the principal geometrical order of the railway infrastructure. On the ground level, several passages connecting the entrances to the buildings provide porosity, linking the contrasting external spaces of North and South. Inside, vertical movements are designed as stairwells "en clarté" (a reference to the well-known building by Le Corbusier), built in glass bricks and lit up by large skylights set in the roof.

The apartments are mainly with front and rear views, apart from the 3-room flats which just face south. This configuration reveals the quality of the site: a vast esplanade on the north side, opening perspectives onto a lush green landscape, and a pedestrian street to the south, defined by two urban alignments. The apartments thus benefit from the area’s contrasting characteristics. Echoing the railway stop, the roofing and protrusions of which evoke large-scale glass pixels, the buildings take on the architectural style of a regular grid, sheltering the domestic programme of the apartments in the manner of urban shelves. In this way, the large scale of the infrastructure is extended into the modularity of the buildings’ structure.

group8, Untitled, Chêne-Bourg, Geneva, 2014 - in progress


Housing, student housing, day-care centre, housing for seniors


Association Nicolas Bogueret (ANB), Valorisation immobilière éthique SA (VIE)

Commission type

Shortlist competition, winning project

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©Thomas Sponti