Competition, 5th prize. Dorigny Unithèque extension, University of Lausanne new library

Lausanne, Vaud



The positioning of the Unithèque building is comparable to that of a Greek theatre, like an "artefact" with tiered seating in the grounds. The stage is formed by the landscape of Lake Geneva and the Alps.
The architectural design is based on a horizontal continuation of the existing level in order to perfectly integrate the building into the site. The intention is to pursue the formal, architectural logic of the project of the architect Guido Cocchi by prolonging the three horizontal strata on the side of the slope to clearly state the theme of a terraced building integrated into the slope.
It is a ternary structure: the base is the commanding piece, superimposed by a normal storey, which is, in turn, crowned by a final storey. The physical aspect of the construction components used for the extension of the building is intended to create a unity of language: the pillars and the slabs in light concrete, the joinery in wood, and the roof covered in metallic tinted sheet metal with sheds equipped with photovoltaic panels. Seen from the lake, the ensemble consists of a system of horizontal lines and curves against a richly wooded backdrop: it is the epitome of a Greek theatre wedded to the slope.

group8, Epidaure, Lausanne, Vaud, 2015


University library and tertiary programs


Etat de Vaud

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Competition, 5th prize

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