United Nations Organisation

Renovation of Palais des Nations (UN Office at Geneva)


2012 - 2014

United Nations Organisation

The aim of the renovation project at the Palais des Nations is to improve the building and its services in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. It will be brought into line with the concept of a "green building", reaching a high energy performance standard (Minergie) which will guarantee the comfort of its occupants and users. In addition to the energy criterion the project focuses on the conservation of this unique site, and shows due respect for its history, its architectural heritage, and, in particular, the harmony of its existing facades.

This stage in the renovation of the UN has made it possible to bring about improvements in the shell of the building by replacing 1,050 windows with new windows which faithfully reproduce the design of the old ones, by renovating a large part of the roofing and by improving the technical installations. In addition, 2'800 m2 of photovoltaic panels and 210 m2 of thermal panels have been installed.

group8, United Nations Organisation, Geneva, 2012 - 2014


Renovation of Palais des Nations
Replacement of 1'050 windows, renovation of roofs
Technical facilities improvement


Renovation of a site in operation


Foundation for Buildings for International Organisations (FIPOI), United Nations Organization Geneva (ONUG)

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