Twin house

Two adjoining houses


2006 - 2008

Twin house

The project started with two volumes, which rapidly became a single unit, a single shape, trying to join the needs of the two families. A single volume playing with the trees, finding exceptional views and orientations, by pushing the perception beyond the density of the forest that surrounds the house, as if it forced it way above the trees.

Situated on a narrow plot of land for an impressive and articulated volume, the inhabited spaces eventually become introverted through sets of hollow spaces producing a mask between the outside and the inside of the house. The vegetation finishes by occupying the inside, dictating the configuration of the living rooms on the ground floor, imagined and drawn in the style of a garden.

group8, Twin house, Geneva, 2006 - 2008


Construction of two adjoining houses



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©Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio, Geneva