Striped Living

Two housing buildings, nursery

Crans-près-Céligny, Vaud

2007 - 2012

Striped Living

The project is located in a suburban village between Geneva and Lausanne. group8 have built two of the five buildings which were part of the first phase of a neighbourhood planning strategy. The reflective process has been based around both a social and urban analysis in order to endorse the urban density, which is a required stage for all municipalities of the region. A proactive development of the housing zone has been made in accordance with the guidelines of the program, encompassing the existing spatial and built elements located in the area. New and denser urban forms consisting of intermediate sized volumes with flat roofs have complemented the existing buildings while maintaining an appropriate scale.

The 16 units generated are duplex or single apartments ranging from the studio to six rooms. A childcare centre also completes this housing complex. The apartments are arranged in juxtaposition of floor slabs separated by physical interstices, thereby providing openings for each housing on every side. Each apartment has a generously sized terrace, positioned as loggia within the volume. The external stone blades bring a certain texture and vibration feeling to the front elevation. With its traditional connotation, travertine provides a certain minerality which echoes back to the village’s oldest buildings.


group8, Striped Living, Crans-près-Céligny, Vaud, 2007 - 2012


Two housing buildings, 16 units of single apartments or duplex


High energy standard - Minergie®



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©Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio, Geneva