Daycare centre


2013 - 2015


The Origami children’s living space is located between two imposing buildings: the Japan Tobacco International ( JTI) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) headquarters. To match this feature of the setting, the design elements are spread out on a single floor over the entire available perimeter, thereby interpreting the inhabited landscape. The building is constructed  from convex and concave strata that extend over the entire plot. This structuring principle creates either sheltered spaces that house the heated parts, or open spaces that will serve as an inner courtyard. The curved parts are carried by a wooden box structure supported by vertical metal posts. The roofing with vegetation complemented by the physical nature of the floors forms a picture visible from the windows of the surrounding buildings. The main entrance is achieved by lowering the central stratum, providing access to the centre of the plan. On entering, one discovers playful spaces related to the outside arrangements as well as cross views between the different buildings. The interior layout factors in the different architectural scales based on the different ages of the children.

group8, Origami, Geneva, 2013 - 2015


Daycare centre of 105 places


Japan Tobacco International (JTI), Implenia Suisse SA

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©Régis Golay / federal-studio.com