Competition, 5th prize. Two housing buildings in perimeter PAV, Grosselin sector

Carouge, Geneva



The two buildings house both apartments and commercial premises. Their volumes meet the need for high density and their mass has been visually divided up in order to reduce their visual impact. The high parts are offset, which makes it possible to break up the edges of the buildings and create differentiated volumes. On the lower levels, the first two commercial floors define a first template on a human scale. Higher up, the volumes intended for LUP (public utility accommodation) and fixed-rent apartments are offset and present an outline aligned on the distant view. The orientation of the building close to the Route de Saint Julien is perpendicular to the existing rows of apartments in order to minimize the vis-a-vis effect. As it is lower in height it ensures a transition between the existing buildings on the edge of the PAV (Praille-Acacias-Vernets) and the very tall buildings in the interior of the PAV. The quincunx layout of the buildings avoids vis-a-vis situations.

The two buildings define two public squares dedicated to the inhabitants and shared activities. The square on the east side provides a community space for the inhabitants and users of the district. In the middle of the square there is a smaller building which houses public infrastructures and facilities. The square to the west provides access from the Chemin de la Marbrerie and a cross-over area between the interior of the site and the commercial district.

group8, Moaï, Carouge, Geneva, 2012


Fondation pour la promotion du logement bon marché et de l'habitat coopératif (FPLC)

Commission type

Open procedure competition, 5th prize

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