Maison des Fondateurs

Shortlist competition. Extension and restructuration of Audemars Piguet Museum

Le Brassus, Vaud


Maison des Fondateurs

The idea consists of formulating and restating the centrality of the origins, in the fashion of a core or matrix by means of the geometrically independent shape which does not compete with the rest of the group of buildings.
The new building represents a marriage of two distinct material states, the smooth and the striated. The curved panes of the upper level remind one of a polished dial, whereas the two discs which form the white concrete slab floors are reminiscent of a forged spindle. The roof is vegetated, creating the impression of having been cut out of the field with a precision instrument. The reception area calls to mind the aesthetics of the dials: at the side of the Founders' Room three more cylindrical rooms are devoted to the local roots of the firm, its founders and the masterpieces which mark its history.

The rooms in the original building have been entirely refurbished in a manner which recaptures the simplicity of the original materials – wide, wooden floorboards, woodwork and plastering.
Each level is separated into three parts: a 'display box' placed in the original room, a middle room on the south side, and a cross-over workshop occupying the north-east part.
The "display case" for exceptional pieces, is elliptical in shape in order to set off this space. The temporary exhibition rooms are on level -1. They consist of four vaulted rooms open to traffic flow and protected by glass walls. The display cases are designed to be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

group8, Maison des Fondateurs, Le Brassus, Vaud, 2014


Audemars Piguet SA

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Shortlist competition

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