Les Sapins apartment building

LUP housing, Invited competition, winning project


2023 - in progress

Les Sapins apartment building

Historically, Avenue Louis-Casaï is the axis that links the centre of Geneva to the first stage of the airport, the Cointrin terminal, which explains the great width of this urban thoroughfare and its monumental appearance. The three building plots border this avenue, creating a large block whose frontage defines the road space. The building rights of the 3 developers are each in a separate, almost identical building, forming an urban whole. Set into the slope, the 3 new alleys have a unified gauge, producing a unified silhouette whose length is identical to that of the stage already built. The aim of this strategy is to create a coherent whole across the 140 m long block.

All the entrances are on the street side, on the Avenue Louis-Casaï side. They give access to a generous entrance hall and a very compact stairwell. On the upper floors, the logical layout houses flats with through-planning day spaces, in response to the site conditions, i.e. solar orientation and views over the courtyard landscape. This typology implies a clear distinction between day and night spaces. The proposed principle implies great flexibility in the type and distribution of housing.

The layout of the dwellings also reflects contemporary social issues: a permanent space can be created for teleworking as an extension of the living room, and generous outdoor space, the relevance and necessity of which was demonstrated during the pandemic.

The design of the facades on the street reflects the monumental character of the avenue. This allows for an interesting interplay with the neighbouring plots, which are designed in very different architectural styles. The horizontal and vertical lines form a filter that reduces the perceived nuisance of the avenue for the new residents. The glazed balustrade provides effective acoustic protection for the spaces opening onto the street, while ensuring maximum visual clearance. The double vertical lines ensure that the balcony partitions can be positioned in any plan configuration. On the courtyard side, the facade incorporates a more domestic aspect in keeping with the landscaped atmosphere of the heart of the block.

group8, Les Sapins apartment building, Geneva, 2023 - in progress


LUP housing


Housing building in three lots. Mixed wood/concrete structure, incorporating reused elements.


CLAMLITH SA, FPLC - Fondation pour la promotion du logement bon marché et de l'habitat coopératif, SOGEPRIM SA

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Invited competition, winning project

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