Les Grand-Esserts

Masterplan for Vessy plateau development

Veyrier, Geneva

2012 - 2015

Les Grands-Esserts

The broad landscape, the River Arve, the riverside and the Vessy plateau are the essential features of the integration of the new district into the town of Veyrier. The site’s natural qualities are enhanced and add their rhythm to the urban organisation. Nature thus intervenes in areas along the riverside to encourage dialogue with the agricultural fields. The definition of a grid that respects
and enhances what exists, by developing from the current structural axes, divides the site into several urban sections, creating openings to the broad landscape. It is thus integrated into the natural, historical and cultural continuity of the site. The district is open to its surroundings and encourages exchanges and encounters, while offering a variety of atmospheres and lifestyles. The urban sections are arranged with varying degrees of privacy and with a focus on adapting to the local conditions of the site. The transition from the private to the collective domain, in particular, has been achieved by a sequence of atmospheres going
from the most communal and urban to the most individual and residential.

group8, Les Grand-Esserts, Veyrier, Geneva, 2012 - 2015


Creation of 1'200 housing units
Shop premises and tertiary building programs


Etat de Genève

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