Le Voyageur

Itinerant and ephemeral museum. A collaboration with Fabrice Gygi

2014 - 2015

Le Voyageur

This itinerant museum was designed for the 20th anniversary of the Geneva Contemporary Art Museum (MAMCO), which is expanding and manifesting a desire to seek new audiences and establish roots for a while in areas where cultural offerings are rarer than in the centre of town.

Designed and created in collaboration with the Genevan visual artist Fabrice Gygi, the museum has passed through four localities in the canton, presenting a new exhibition on each occasion. Its mobile structure, made up of extruded aluminium sections, between which a polyester stabilizing tarpaulin is slid, offers an exhibition surface of 212 m2. The peripatetic museum is made up of two parts, each with a single roof section. An offset in the alignment of the two parts constitutes the entrances.

The construction is designed as an open structure, a form of civil architecture reminiscent of a tent for a party or a reception, an emergency shelter, a camp, or a hay or harvest shelter. By its very nature movable, it seems able to set itself down everywhere, and by virtue of its appearance which is at the same time both ordinary and plural, to merge into any environment, be it urban, suburban or agricultural.

group8, Le Voyageur, 2014 - 2015


Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Genève (MAMCO)

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