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Immeuble Avenue de France

International competition, winning project. Office building for missions, international organisations and private


2009 - 2012

Immeuble Avenue de France

The building is sat on a site which imposes several constraints, long been considered as "unsuitable" for development, built on a site bordering the national railway lines, limited on its north by the Avenue de France and adjacent to a pre-existing building. In fully integrating itself with the existing buildings, the "L"-shaped volume adopts the scale of the adjacent building, thus creating a single fused structure. The result is a glass prism, which presents itself as a glazed backdrop to the railway platforms and defines one the main gateway to the International Organizations "quarter" in Geneva. The interior space is divided into 9 levels of offices.

The question of flexibility was paramount in the project; the typology is therefore based on the principles of flexibility and capacity of reaction: each level can be either considered as a fully open-plan space or be sub-divided in several offices.
The visual lightness is ensured by the use of a "double skin", necessary in order to insulate the offices from the noise. The interior side of the façades are characterized by repetitive structural elements, creating first, an acoustic and then a thermal envelope; those elements are underlined by a coloured pattern based on a sunset’s sky cameo. The external envelope is made of differentiated glazing: their variations in reflection and transparency create an enigmatic and shimmering effect. This installation is activated and is responsive when placed in direct contact with its environment : the railway, the road and the sky.

group8, Immeuble Avenue de France , Geneva, 2009 - 2012




High energy standard - Minergie®


Foundation for Buildings for International Organisations (FIPOI)

Commission type

International competition, winning project

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©Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio, Geneva