Competition, 4th prize. University of Fribourg law school extension




The strategy consists of designing the exterior space of the Campo as an urban element, linking the existing buildings to the new ones, including the Faculty of Law. The cylindrical shape makes it possible to avoid entering into competition with the topology of the buildings around. It also makes it possible to create a large empty space around which all the spaces designed for movement are lit by natural lighting. The empty space is a major space which unifies the whole layout.

The Campo is designed as a park to be appropriated by the users. It involves demolishing the present mensa and relocating it within the perimeter of the concourse. In the upper part, the polygonal spaces are superimposed on the base of the public programmes. The configuration creates a see-through system and a reduction of scale adapted to the character of the place. Separation into blocks makes it possible to give over a whole section completely to offices in the west. The layout creates an entry space communicating with the mensa and the new Faculty of Law. The passageways act as meeting points for the different users of the campus. All the areas housing classrooms and auditoriums are accessible from the ground floor. The ground floor and the upper basement are occupied by the auditoriums, and the first floor by classrooms. On the next level up is the library with its own distribution system. The offices are on the higher floors.

group8, Helios, Fribourg, 2014


Restaurant, library, offices, classrooms, auditoriums


Programme diversity
High energy standard - Minergie®


Etat de Fribourg

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Open procedure competition, 4th prize

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