Goutte St Mathieu

Architecture competition in multidisciplinary Two-step procedure, 2nd prize


2020 - 2021

The programmes are set up in such a way as to form a system of public spaces for courses and places responding to site conditions and adjacent programmes. The entrance courtyard, facing the tram stop, defines the main access to the site via Boulevard de Chancy. It is materialized by a mineral soil that accompanies users in all public parts of the project. The centrality of the Place des Marronniers is enhanced by the position of the communal program which defines it by means of a portico.

The public spaces are networked by a system of galleries oriented from north to south that allow walking in the covered site. They shelter the entrances of each building and provide shaded areas and shelter from rain, meeting the need to provide friendly meeting spaces. By generalising in a more general constructive system the theme of the covered preau devoted to the orientation cycle, they participate in the definition of the benchmarks necessary to orient oneself in a site with diverse functions.

group8, Goutte St Mathieu , Bernex, 2020 - 2021


Orientation cycle, centre of professional training social and health (CFPS), socio-cultural space, school of communal music and parking relay P+R


Canton of Geneva


Ingeni SA, civil engineer ; Archiwatt sàrl, building physics engineer

Photo credits