Competition, 2nd prize. Housing buildings and public esplanade

Vandoeuvres, Geneva



The esplanade opens out on to fields and unfolds as a panorama with a view of the Alps in the background. The position of this "fondamenta" offers a multi-functional area and creates a pedestrian link as well as a meeting and activities place on the scale of the village site.
The arrangement of the buildings constructed at regular intervals with slippage spaces guarantees visual and ground permeability. There are see-through spaces from the street and the slope, and these free areas of open ground can be planted with deciduous bushes in order to densify the hedge at the base of the slope. The four houses have similar volumes to the village buildings; they vary in height and this confers on them their own identity.

The particular character of this village extension sets it apart from the scale of the neighbouring public building complexes. The physical aspect and mineral colours of the buildings are in harmony with the context and its history, while being reinterpreted and adjusted to a contemporary project.
All the apartments possess living rooms opening generously on to the view to the southwest, and with the exception of the smallest ones, have double orientation. The spatial principle applied is designed to make use of the depth of the building and create apartments with numerous scenarios and variety of views.

group8, Fondamenta, Vandoeuvres, Geneva, 2011


Housing buildings and public esplanade


Vandoeuvres town

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Open procedure competition, 2nd prize

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