Coupe Gordon-Bennett

Shortlist competition, 3rd prize with mandate. Housing building and commercial premises

Vernier, Geneva

2007 - 2013

Coupe Gordon-Bennett

The district plan consists of five courtyard buildings grafted onto a central pedestrian mall. The size of the buildings, mainly intended for housing, is staggered from east to west, from six to four levels to blend in with the scale of the neighbouring villa
district. The architectural register is homogenous, creating a whole: each building is surrounded by a continuous balcony, the branch-shaped railing with a parametric design is identical, while a tonal system with different shades of green is applied per
pocket between each building.

The apartments are organised according to a service band prioritising the landscape side and the courtyard side. On the
landscape side, the day spaces are orientated towards the outside, with a large continuous balcony matching the large scale of the landscape. On the courtyard side, the rooms benefit from the calm with a more intimate loggia opening onto the heart of the island. Access to the accommodation is from the inner courtyard to preserve the private character of the stairwells at each corner. The inner courtyard is planted with Scots pine trees in the manner of a landscape that invites you to take a stroll, a network of undulating paths echoing the plant motif of the railings.

group8, Coupe Gordon-Bennett, Vernier, Geneva, 2007 - 2013


44 apartments
460 m2  of commercial premises


High energy standard - Minergie®


Implenia Development SA

Commission type

Shortlist competition, 3rd prize with mandate

Photo credits

©Régis Golay, FEDERAL studio, Geneva