Competition, 2nd prize. Housing, offices, school

Vernier, Geneva



The siting principle is based on the construction of a limit running along the Avenue de l’Ain. Of a uniform height, the building is smoothly linear on the street side and folded on the side of the park in order to respond to two different situations: on the one hand to build in length to establish the scale and urban alignment of the project, and on the other to build in depth on order to develop a large shelved line of protected facades.
At the heart of the islet an open park houses the school unit which constitutes the pivotal point of the ensemble: there are different access paths all around and the entrance opens out on to the public square. The outside spaces of the school consist of a string of different areas which melt into the vegetation of the park.

The guiding principle in the layout of the apartments is the linking of the communal spaces and the private spaces. The spatial continuum is generally made up of a spatial sequence separating the dining room from the living room. The private areas house the bedrooms with their closed-off entrances and bathrooms. The elongation of the typologies in the set-back sections expands the layout, giving the impression of depth and a sense of space inside the apartment with a variety of viewpoints on the surroundings. Crossing views are dealt with by geometric offsets in layout, by the different orientation of the rooms and by the use of fixed blinds that act as a screen allowing in the light but not the view.

group8, Concorde, Vernier, Geneva, 2014


Privera construction management

Commission type

Shortlist competition, 2nd prize

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┬ęThomas Sponti