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Communaux d'Ambilly

Competition,1st prize for the A5 piece. Housing, activities and public space

Thônex, Geneva

2017 - 2018

Communaux d'Ambilly

The development of Communaux d’Ambilly consists of five urban sections around a central mall, each of the sections being developed independently based on a general pattern of solids and voids. The sections are presented as dense ensembles separated by large portions of green spaces. Section A5 closes the system to the north-east. Its morphology is designed to match the surrounding context, with an urban front on the mall side, openings on the landscape towards the Môle and Petit-Salève, and a shield along the traffic arteries. The urban grain is larger and more continuous on the mall side and more fragmented
on the villa side. The buildings create collective spaces based on three spatial figures corresponding respectively to three scales: a main square, courtyards on a domestic scale and streets running off, so as to offer a diversity that can be used, like a piece of the city in its own right. With three sizes, the buildings form a skyline with differentiated heights, affording views of the large landscape to most of the apartments and abundant solar gains to the outdoor spaces. On the 4th floor of all the buildings, a street reminiscent of Smithson’s concept “Street in the Air” connects
the various distribution shafts to the relaxation areas designed for the residents.


A4 piece situation

sections and elevations

standard plans
floors 2 and 3, floor 4, floors 5 and 6

A5 piece situation

sections and elevations

standard plans
floors 1 and 3, floor 4, floors 5 and 6

group8, Communaux d'Ambilly, Thônex, Geneva, 2017 - 2018


Housing, activities and public space


Canton of Geneva represented by the FPLC, Thônex Commune, CASE Consortium (Codha, Equilibre, Les Ailes and SCHS cooperatives), HBM Emma Kammacher Foundation

Commission type

Open procedure project competition in two phases, 1st prize for the A5 piece


Uniola AG (Hager Partners AG)


Ingegneri Pedrazzini Guidotti Sag

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