Bulle's railway station

Masterplan competition, winning project. Development of the railway station area

Bulle, Fribourg

2014 - 2016

Bulle's railway station

The reclassification of the railway tracks in the train station in Bulle means relocating the station building and reconfiguring its plateau which is at present occupied by the railway area and an industrial zone. Three major urban districts of the town rub shoulders with each other: the historical centre, the market square and the rue Albert Rieter.

The project gives a new line of continuity to the town by creating a link between the existing entities and the new station plateau. The rue Albert Rieter becomes the main axis of the project. It creates a liaison between the present squares and the square of the new station.
The latter is defined by two buildings and a sheltered area and is a continuation of the market square. This new public space is the major area of interchange of the project. The Remise district is connected to the new station square by a passageway which leads to the platforms. It is this series of squares and public spaces which creates continuity in the heart of the town. The new station is not a building but a public space and a central hub.
The southern part of the project is a new residential area consisting of three building complexes located in a park. Access to them is by way of the Place de la Remise which constitutes the project’s third area of interchange.

group8, Bulle's railway station, Bulle, Fribourg, 2014 - 2016


Train station, bus station, offices, housing, commercial establishments, public spaces


Transports Publics Fribourgeois (TPF), Bulle town, private owners

Commission type

Masterplan competition, winning project

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