The new railway station at Bulle

Development of the new site of the station. Railway track underpass

Bulle, Fribourg

2014 - 2017

The project is based on a new vision of the programme of the railway station. The new station is designed to be a public area, no longer attached to a building. The new station square, the railway track underpass and the Place de l’Ancienne Remise, serve both as new meeting places and connecting areas between the platforms.

The present railway station at Bulle, with its curved tracks, no longer meets the current norms of safety and comfort. The challenge of the operation consists in re-siting it in a straight-line configuration and developing its different sectors, offering office space, housing accommodation and activity areas. The master plan resulting from the parallel study mandate lays down the rules for the development of the new site of the station at Bulle. The new station is placed at the heart of the new plan and plays a connecting role between the various parts of the urban fabric.

Apart from its primary function, the track underpass also links the town centre to the new district of la Remise, which is the reason for its great width and single sweep, with no visual obstructions. The passageway comprises a series of structural frames of varying dimensions which break up the single sweep effect and create a perspective with optical effect. This load-bearing system has its own distinctive form, merging together the principles of large railway structures and the archetypal station/house. The materials used remain untreated, allowing the structural form to speak for itself.

View from the passageway

Site plan of the Bulle conurbation

Position of the new railway station

Public space plan

Plan at the level of the railway tracks


Elevation from the side of the new station square

Longitudinal section

Cross section

group8, The new railway station at Bulle, Bulle, Fribourg, 2014 - 2017


Development of the new site of the station
Railway track underpass
Access to the platforms
Service areas


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