in progress, competition


Competition, winning project. Housing building Jean-Louis Prévost


2012 - in progress


The volume of the building is defined by a flexible contour line which creates concave facades. The resulting geometry reminds one of an ossicle, an elementary organic shape which seeks to integrate itself into the wooded park surroundings. The idea is to occupy the maximum perimeter in order to open up loggias at the four corners with different perspectives. The folded concave facades confer the dynamic character of a pivot on the volume of the building, creating a shape which opens out on to the landscape.

The apartments are raised above ground in order to avoid the privatization of the park and to give the building a floating base. The layout of the plan provides for a single vertical traffic path. This economy makes it possible to create generous interior space with natural lighting. The corner apartments are used to advantage to multiply the viewpoints, but the smaller apartments have just a single orientation. In the communal space in the apartments which opens on to the loggia, the kitchen/dining-room area is separated from the living room by sliding doors. The bedrooms have a closed-off entrance space to enhance night-time privacy. The use of concrete for the facade characterizes the urban nature of the building. The elongated windows alternate with closed sheet metal sections, wide fixed panes and openable windows in wood and metal.

group8, Astragaloi, Geneva, 2012 - in progress


47 apartments


High energetic performance


Fondation de la Ville de Genève pour le Logement Social (FVGLS)

Commission type

Open procedure competition, winning project

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