Competition, project selected for development. High standard alpine chalets

Andermatt, Uri

2007 - 2010


New Andermatt is an unique opportunity to rethink our relation to radical landscapes and traditional settlements, in a mountain context. We have admired all scales of nature onsite, the monumental one of the surrounding mountains, the middle scale of the urbanized landscape, and the micro scale of the very specific vegetation growing on this region. We have also looked at the traditional architecture, the natural materials essential to its comprehension: stone and wood. Our proposal is direct in its comprehension and approach. The village is an urban form and it should stay urban, compact. Organized in groups of individual villas, in clusters; people will continue to live in a traditional urban form. The buildings are shaped by nature forms, giving them a timeless appearance.

The new landscape will root the new architecture to the existing nature and it will serve as a protection for the desired intimacy. The site will appear as a natural totality, with the architecture discretely hidden within the landscape. The fusion of architectural forms and natural shapes found in traditional Swiss houses is a main inspiration. The new interior world of the stone houses connects to the exterior through monumental views of the Alps. The house is a protection of nature and an observatory. Unique in its form, it will imply a new domestic experience, somewhere between the primitive cave houses and a futuristic space.

group8, Andermatt, Andermatt, Uri, 2007 - 2010


High standard alpine chalets


Orascom, Samih Sawiris

Commission type

Competition, project selected for development

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